Boost your return on spend. Proprietary data on millions of consumers. Consider it 100-proof marketing.

When it comes to results, you want the strong stuff. You need marketing that drives real results and unbeatable ROAS. Welcome to 3x3. 

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About 3x3

At 3x3, we turn data into demand by connecting the world's best beer, wine and spirits brands to millions of directly-addressable customers. We make the buzz-makers buzz-worthy by identifying ideal target audiences based on real purchase data, then localize and personalize their marketing to drive more efficient results in key win markets.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about what we can do for you. Specifically, how we drive intelligence, awareness and sales online—and across our nationwide network of retail partners—through our proprietary approach.

The Bev-Alc Brand Challenge

Here’s a message in a bottle: beer, wine and spirits brands are struggling to transform marketing dollars into sales.

Large brands have trouble localizing the impact of their national marketing campaigns, resulting in wasted spend, irrelevant impressions and difficulty measuring return beyond "awareness metrics."

Small or new brands fight for share of attention, wallets and stomachs with limited budgets and resources, making it challenging to identify the right target audience, cut through the noise and scale up sales.

The 3x3 Solution

We help bev-alc brands of all sizes execute hyper-precise marketing campaigns, driving more efficient and cost-effective results by targeting the best buyers exclusively and directly across digital channels.

Our secret sauce: an exclusive nationwide network of beer, wine and spirits retail partners and a rich database of 5 million directly-addressable consumers tied to the specific alcohol products they buy.

Cheers to distilling data into results.


Our edge: a unique network

We’ve built a nationwide network of beer/wine/spirits retail partners and gained access to receipt-level data of millions of shoppers, enabling a revolutionary approach to acquisition.


Retail Partners


Addressable Consumers (many more with lookalikes)


Receipt-Level Data

We close the retail loop.

We track consumer buying behaviors on the ground floor of progressive retailers across different markets and geographies.

The 3x3 Edge

We reach buyers directly.

We target known buyers of your brand, high-propensity buyers or your competitors' buyers to build brand equity efficiently. Not to mention effectively.

We help you drive more sales.

Better tech. Better method. 
Better results.

Our unique, network-driven technology enables your brand to localize and personalize marketing to the right buyers.

Build the ideal target audience

We use our proprietary network of millions of directly-addressable customers (known buyers and lookalikes) to carve out the perfect target audience for your brand. We don’t just make this stuff up. The data is based on customers' real bev-alc purchases and other rich demographic data. This is precision like you've never seen. For results like you never imagined.

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Reach your ideal audience directly

Targeting the wrong shoppers depletes your budget, time and patience. 3x3's hyper-precise targeting capabilities ensure that your campaigns are only seen by known or high-propensity buyers of your brand or your competitors' in the right win markets. Period.


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Measure, optimize, expand, repeat

One-off campaigns and single "projects"? Nope. And nope. We think long-term. We start with your brand's bulls-eye then move outward to new demographics and markets as we learn what maximizes return. It's how intelligent marketing should be. It’s what makes us us—and what makes our clients a 10x return on ad spend.

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Our capabilities

Uncover your ideal audience

We connect millions of purchases to real consumers, then flesh out their full demographic personas, so you can laser target the appropriate audience.

Improve existing loyalty

They love you today, but what about tomorrow? We target current and prior buyers of your products to increase engagement and maintain brand loyalty among your existing customer base.

Win share from competition

Winning: good. Winning from your competition: even better. We target buyers of competitive products and brands with similar customer bases, characteristics and price points to win converts and gain share.

Increase efficiency & return

Forget spray-and-pray. Adopt the surgeon scalpel. 3x3 enables your brand to localize & personalize your campaigns to shed inefficiencies and increase ROAS.

Track conversions better

3x3 measures and attributes transactions to consumers targeted in the campaign via their purchases online or within its network of independent retail stores.

Optimize deliberately 

Optimal understanding yields optimized results. Understand—with greater local precision than ever before— which audience, geo, creative and channel drive the most sales and continually refine your strategy.

Not sure what your brands needs the most?

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Estimated Impact on Success

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or in this case, the profits.

After ramping up and initial optimizations are made, brand partners can expect to see an increase in intelligence, campaign efficiency, and return on ad spend. We've seen clients achieve the following results:

Increase in CTR
Wasted Spend Reduction

Ready to Unlock Sustainable Growth?

You’re in the right place.

Whether you run a mixed annual marketing calendar or are looking for a partner to kick-start your new beer, wine or spirits brand, 3x3 can get you there. And take you further.

Let’s do this.

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