Is your business ready for January 2021?

Every December, dollar and volume sales peak for beverage alcohol (bev-alc) brands and retailers.

And every January following, bev-alc brands and retailers suffer the post-holiday slump, magnified by the growing popularity of start-of-year sobriety.

Sure, it’s kind of a fact of business. That doesn’t mean it can’t get better.

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January is a time to work on the business instead of in the business.

Don’t slash the marketing budget. Don’t overstock inventory. Don’t wait for business to trickle in with snow on its boots.

Instead, double down on intelligent digital marketing. Focus on specific products in hyper-local markets. Build unique and safe offerings that cater to the behaviors of local customers.

We analyzed transaction data from the 3x3 Retail Network to share what sells in January and why.

You will learn about:

Managing Q1

Navigating another wave of COVID-19 lockdowns

Building holistic digital marketing that drives traffic, even in the dead of winter.


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