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The Bev-Alc Challenge

Beer, wine and spirits brands are struggling to turn marketing dollars into sales. They’re handcuffed by a lack of localization, irrelevant impressions, an inability to accurately target the right audience and limited resources.

The 3x3 Advantage

We built a nationwide network of 1,500+ influential bev-alc retail partners and created a proprietary database of consumers and attributes based on the alcohol purchases of millions of shoppers.

The result: Hyper-precise—and hyper-effective—targeting capabilities to bolster your digital marketing campaigns.


Our Edge: A Unique Network

We’ve built a nationwide network of beer/wine/spirits retail partners and gained access to receipt-level data of millions of shoppers, enabling a revolutionary approach to acquisition.


Retail Partners


Addressable Consumers


Receipt-Level Data

Close the retail loop.

Our technology tracks consumer buying behaviors directly from the stores of progressive retailers across different markets and geographies.

The 3x3 Edge

Reach buyers directly.

Use our data to target known buyers of your brand, known buyers of your competitors’ brand, or high-propensity buyers who don’t know your brand—yet. You’ll build brand equity and increase meaningful traffic.

We help you drive more sales.

Better tech. Better methods.
Better results.

Count on our unique, network-driven technology to localize and personalize marketing that reaches (and influences) the right buyer in the right place at the right time.

Distill data into demand.

Optimize deliberately 

Understand which audience, area, creative and channel drive the most sales so you can continually refine your strategy.

Increase return

Shed inefficiencies and increase return using localized, personalized campaigns.

Win market share

Our revolutionary approach allows you to target brands with similar customer bases, characteristics and price points to convert customers and gain market share

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The proof is in the profits.

After initial optimizations are made, brand partners can expect better marketing intelligence, higher campaign efficiencies and stronger return on ad spend. In fact, one recent client had such outstanding results, they increased their ad campaign budget by 700%.

Increase in CTR
Wasted Spend Reduction

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Whether you run a mixed annual marketing calendar or are looking for a partner to kick-start your new beer, wine or spirits brand, 3x3 can get you there—and take you further.

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