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Trends are made in the independent channel


It’s where drinking communities build a specialized home, a comfortable space for experimentation and discovery.

It’s also a space where trends incubate and accelerate.

Understanding how trends move from bars and restaurants through local retailers into drinkers' homes is vital for success in a trend-driven industry.

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Without the independent channel, trends would have nowhere to grow.

Proprietary data from the 3x3 Retail Network illustrates how trends tip through local liquor store sales. This white paper explores four modern alcohol industry trends to show how valuable independent channel data can be in our trend-driven industry.

In this report, we break down the life of a trend from launch to living room and hip bar to home bar. The data within will help brands appreciate the independent channel as an amplifier and understand the trajectory of trends.

A few highlights:

The independent channel facilitated the exponential popularity of Aperol. Volume sales more than doubled from April 2018 to June 2018, as the Summer of Spritz took hold.

Without the independent channel, canned cocktails would have nowhere to grow. The second-best seller saw nearly 3,000% volume growth YoY from March 2020 to 2021.

Trending products impact adjacent sales. Buyers of Tito's Handmade Vodka spend more than double on other liquor store products than buyers of Smirnoff Vodka do.

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Value of the Independent Channel - Trends

Cultural moments define living room cocktails.

Marketing inspires bar cart purchases.

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